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Useful Services

Convenient Options

Convenient Vehicle Options

Navigation System (GPS)
Standard-equipped with multilingual GPS*. (Not available for some vehicles.)
*Available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. Please ask at the time of reservation.
Listen to your favorite music in the car
Wide range of vehicles are standard-equipped with connecting adapters to play digital audio devices (iPhone, iPod, WALKMAN, etc.) as well as CD players!
Non-smoking vehicles can be confirmed at the time of reservation.
For the comfort of non-smoking and smoke-sensitive customers!
Eco Class (Hybrid)
Wide selection of the latest and popular eco cars (hybrids) made by Japanese automakers.
Enjoy environmentally friendly driving with an eco car!

Convenient Services When Renting Vehicles

Rental offices open 24 hours
No.1 in the industry, with approximately 200 locations that are open 24 hours or for extend hours.
(24-hour rental offices at airports; Haneda, Kansai, Narita, etc.)
Note: Late-night/early-morning rental charge applies
Three-way Telecommunications Service
24-hour phone interpreting service is available in 4 languages.
(English, Chinese, Korean and Thai*)
*Thai service is available for a shorter time.
- Telephone interpretation service provided.
One-way rentals
We offer one-way rentals (subject to car availability), meaning that you can pick up your car at one rental location and return it to another.
- One-way rentals are not available at some rental locations.
- A separate fee may be charged as one-way drop charge.

Introduction of a convenient application

"Safety tips", a push-enabled information alert app
This push-enabled app gives alerts for Earthquake Early Warning, Tsunami Warning, Weather Warning and Eruption Warning within Japan. The App provides various functions useful for both foreign tourists and residents in Japan, Website Links that contain helpful information in the event of a disaster.

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