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Privacy Policy

Nippon Rent-A-Car* recognizes that the protection of customers' personal information is a responsibility of utmost importance and handles customers' personal information in the following manner. But, we do not obtain, keep, use nor provide customers' individual number.

* "Nippon Rent-A-Car" refers to Nippon Rent-A-Car Service, Inc., companies affiliated with Nippon Rent-A-Car Service, Inc., and franchisee companies commissioned by Nippon Rent-A-Car Service, Inc. to perform services including those related to vehicle rentals.

  1. Legal Compliance
    1. In the handling of customers' personal information, Nippon Rent-A-Car complies with relevant laws and regulations pertaining to protection of personal information as well as internal company regulations and other guidelines.
  2. Purpose of Use
    1. Nippon Rent-A-Car obtains and uses customers' personal information, except individual number for the following purposes. When obtaining personal information for a purpose not provided herein, the purpose of use will be disclosed at the time of obtaining the customer's personal information, except individual number.
    1. To execute various matters that are compulsory as a condition of the business license, including preparing the Rental Vehicle Certificate at the time of execution of the Rental Agreement as a licensed operator of a vehicle-renting business.
    2. To provide rental vehicles, vehicle leasing, and related services to customers.
    3. To identify and screen customers.
    4. To provide customers information about rental vehicles, used vehicles, and other products and services offered by Nippon Rent-A-Car as well as various events and sales promotions via mailing of printed promotional materials, e-mail, or other means of communication.
    5. To give questionnaire surveys to customers in order to plan and develop products and services offered by Nippon Rent-A-Car and study ways to enhance customer satisfaction.
    6. To conduct aggregate statistical analysis of personal information and prepare statistical data processed so that it is not personally identifiable information.
  3. Fair Acquisition
    1. Nippon Rent-A-Car does not engage in deception or other improper methods to obtain customers' personal information.
  4. Use
    1. Nippon Rent-A-Car shares use of the following personal information, except individual number of customers within the scope defined in "2. Purpose of Use."
      Name, date of birth, sex, address, telephone number, e-mail address, license number, license acquisition date, customer number, employment information (company name, department, telephone number, etc.), usage history
  5. Provision to Third Parties
    1. Nippon Rent-A-Car does not provide personal information, including individual number, to third parties except in the following instances.
    1. When providing personal information to a company that has obtained the prior consent of the customer.
    2. When based on laws and regulations.
    3. When necessary to protect human life, physical safety, or property, and obtaining the customer's consent is difficult.
    4. When expressly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy development of children, and obtaining the customer's consent is difficult.
    5. When it is necessary to cooperate with a government organization, local public body, or party commissioned by such an organization or body for the execution of legally prescribed matters, and obtaining the customer's consent would hinder or risk hindering said execution of matters.
  6. Disclosure, Revisions, and Deletions
    1. Nippon Rent-A-Car strives to ensure that the personal information it manages is accurate and up to date. Based on designated procedures, Nippon Rent-A-Car will promptly disclose the personal information in its possession when such a request is received from a customer. In the event that this disclosure reveals erroneous information, Nippon Rent-A-Car will promptly revise or delete the information.
  7. Safe Management
    1. Nippon Rent-A-Car takes the necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leaks, loss, and injury as well as otherwise safely manage the personal information it handles.
  8. Employee Education and Supervision
    1. Nippon Rent-A-Car conducts ongoing employee education for and appropriate supervision of employees charged with handling personal information to ensure safe management of personal information.
  9. Third-Party Service Provider Supervision
    1. When contracting a third-party service provider to handle all or a portion of personal information, Nippon Rent-A-Car conducts the necessary and appropriate supervision of the contracted service provider to ensure safe management of the personal information contracted to be handled.
  10. Complaints
    1. Nippon Rent-A-Car promptly and appropriately responds to complaints related to the handling of personal information.
  11. Inquiries related to the handling of personal information
    1. Customer Service Office, Nippon Rent-A-Car Service, Inc.
      Tel: 0120-005-533

Revised September 1, 2015